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  • When the lines are cut

    One day soon, we will not be able to communicate online because the government and the big tech companies won't allow it. What do we do then?
  • Dr. John Campbell, every day about the pandemic

    For more than a year, Dr. Campbell has been providing near-daily updates about the pandemic and the medical science behind it. Combining a folksy wisdom with deep expertise and a long career in medical education, Dr. Campbell has amassed an audience now approaching one million viewers.
  • No moon shot for the pandemic

    It is inconceivable that it has taken this long for common sense to become public policy. Of course we should be wearing masks! We've been doing it since the 13th century (says the article).
  • Singing in the Rain (Video)

    In this "proof-of-concept" video, I try the technique of using photographs with a voice-over to tell a story. Going forward, I want to show other people's photographs while they tell *their* stories!
  • I’ve got nothing to say but “It’s okay!”

    I tried to make this site into a blog, but now I'm going back to interviews, talking to thoughtful people about collapse and adaptation. [UPDATE: Now I'm back to a blog!]
  • Andrew Constantino: At home with the pandemic, in a homeless village. (Audio)

    As the site manager for a tiny-house village in Seattle, Andrew Constantino is responsible for the welfare of 65 homeless people. Now, the pandemic has shut down many of the services that homeless people rely on for their survival.
  • Alexandra Grace Derwen: Conversation with the Virus. (Audio)

    Alexandra Grace Derwen (aka Alexandra Wilson) caught the coronavirus disease on a pilgrimage in Spain. She was then seriously ill for five days, during which she felt she might die. Listen to her recount her conversation with the virus.
  • Peter Wicks: Love in wartime. (Audio)

    In the face of global cataclysm, Peter Wicks combines a sharp intellect, deep feelings, and a philosophical outlook to discuss how grief leads to compassion.
  • Ask Dr. Aimee: Sleep and the Body (Audio)

    Dr. Aimee Maxwell gives specific and useful advice about how to sleep well, by restoring the body's natural harmony with the rhythms of the day.
  • Aimee Maxwell: Adrenaline and Acceptance in Australia. (Audio)

    From Australia, Aimee Maxwell – a practicing psychologist and a Deep Adaptation moderator – provides professional tips to cope with stress, and personal contemplations on the meaning of the catastrophic bushfires in her country.
  • Phoebe Barnard: We Know How to Save the World (Audio)

    Phoebe Barnard is a conservation scientist, fully aware of the dangers posed by climate change and biodiversity loss. In this interview, she shares her optimism that human beings can act fearlessly to save the world.
  • Jane Dwinell: Homesteading & Deep Adaptation (Audio)

    Jane Dwinell is a fountain of wisdom about living independently, in harmony with nature. She has been living off the grid since the 1970s. In this interview, she shares her wisdom about homesteading and her thoughts about Deep Adaptation.
  • Andrew Constantino: How to Live in the Rubble of Empire. (Audio)

    As the leader of a homeless encampment in Seattle, Andrew Constantino has a front-row seat in the "underworld" which accompanies our fossil-fueled "golden shining empire."
  • Alexandra Wilson – Part 2: Grief, Joy, and Returning to the Source (Audio)

    In the second part of our interview, Alexandra Wilson invites us to make peace with death, to go through grief, and to discover the love that reunites us with the source of our being.
  • Alexandra Wilson – Part 1: Death, Oppression, and the End of Days. (Audio)

    Alexandra Wilson says that the denial of death in our culture is responsible for the global sickness that threatens our very existence. ADVISORY: Direct talk about death and dying.